Creating Sculptural Form

Finalist, Tutor & Judge

Wearable Art Mandurah

Combining her love of Art and Theatre, Ashley is a passionate advocate for Wearable Art, and as a two time finalist of Wearable Art Mandurah, has been involved with all aspects of the competition including the Showcase, campaign shoots and various exhibitions.

Ashley has had the opportunity of speaking at many schools and tertiary institutions, including the Karl von Busse (KVB) Institute of Design, Sydney. Since 2016 she has conducted the popular workshop, “Creating Sculptural Form for Wearable Art” and has been a judge for the competition from 2017-2019.

Nature’s Call 2014

Theme: Drift

The Wearable Artwork, “Natures Call”, reflects a spiritual connection to a sense of ‘place’…whispering waves and hidden treasures where the sand, sea and sky meet.

Time stands still…
Blink and remember:
Beauty, peace and calm…
Like a snap-shot of the moment….
Nature calls us home.

Eyes scour the beach to collect a perfect memory… small becomes large as though under a microscope…

As the artwork enlarges and reveals the beauty of the macro environment, the sensory and tactile elements are essential to the meta-narrative: tinkling sounds, layers of texture, hidden details, organic curves and heightened colour. Created, predominantly, with re-cycled materials the subtext speaks to the entanglement of man with the environment … ‘rubbish’ is collected…given new life…and re-created.

The human wearing this piece ’becomes’ the archetypal object calling people to nature and women to their femininity

Come…‘Drift’ with me and remember…

Luminous 2016

Light coming through the trees,
Like a cathedral in the breeze.
Casting Shadows on the ground,
Light is dancing all around.
The heart awakens to the call,
The light is coming to us all.
Our colours burst for all to see,
There is still hope for you and me.