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Rust Effects Ashley Hay Art Academy


This exciting and informative online art workshop explores a diverse range of mixed media techniques to create beautiful Rust Effects in your artwork. 

I know you’re going to LOVE the materials and VALUE the tips and tricks you learn along the way, all aimed at helping you move to the next level in your artwork as you become more confident and fearless in your approach.

What you will learn in this course:

• An understanding of Powertex Ultimate Medium and how to use it
• The ART of LAYERS and the difference it makes to your finished artwork
• How to work with papers and Powertex
• How to make a CRACKLED clay effects
• How to make a RUSTIC CHAIN
• How to createe FAUX Rust Effects in your artwork with a professional finish
• And much more…


  • Inspirational content
  • Learning at your fingertips
  • Clear, step-by-step instructions
  • Setup for easy navigation
  • Supported by a PRIVATE VIP Group
  • Access to Forums for quick answers about products & materials featured in the course
  • Lifetime access

If you live in Australia you have the option of purchasing the workshop with a product bundle… including the online workshop AND all materials for ONLY $297 AUD

Steampunk is my passion & after watching Ashley’s presentation at my friends art group I was blown away by what was possible. Last weekend I learnt how to create the rustic look… loving that one product is not only a paint & glue, but can easily become a clay too. OMG & I just discovered Steampunk heaven yesterday when I created my new look bag! Thank you Ashley for all the hints & for sharing your passion.

Wendy Bellis

I’m just a newbie to Powertex, but having a instructor that has a wealth of knowledge of this product & as an artist herself so effortless she guides through the process. Questions are encouraged & answered always made feel welcomed. I’m learning lots from her sharing her world. 

Marlene Glann

I have just done my first Powertex workshop. Ashley is an incredible teacher and the products are AMAZEBALLS. So many applications. As a mixed media artist, this has opened up another world of creative possibilities. I’m smitten!

Gina Sanderson

I only attended the Rust Effects Workshop for my mum. Arts and crafts isn’t really my thing and I had no idea what to expect. Much to my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed it, had fun and LOVE my piece of art!
Highly recommend.
Sami Craven

Course Curriculum

Welcome to Rust Effects – Including a List of Art Supplies, Links and Resources

List of Materials & Tools

You will need:


  • Bronze Powertex 1Kg
  • Black Powertex 500g
  • Stone Art Clay 250g
  • Styrofoam Disc 37cm (dia)
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Chipboard Cogs
  • Powercolour Red Oxide, Mocha, Turquoise, Light Blue & Titanium White
  • Colourtrix Rich Gold
  • Easycoat Glossy 250g


  • Paint Brush flat 3/4″ & Round #6
  • Sculpture Tools
  • Palette Knife, Scissors and Pliers
  • Craft Knife & Heat Gun
  • Cutting Mat, Plastic Cups & Rolling Pin
  • Latex Gloves  & Aluminium Foil
  • Kebab Sticks or Skewers

Rust Effects Workshop

Shaping the Styrofoam

Join Ashley for Part 1 of your Rust Effects Artwork as she demonstrates how to create incredible stone-like, textural effects using a styrofoam base…

Painting with Powertex

Create the second stage of your artwork with Ashley as she demonstrates how to paint your styrofoam base with Powertex, sharing lots of tips and tricks along the way…

Adding the paper layer

Join Ashley for Part 3 of your Rust Effects Artwork as she shows you how to add a paper layer to your artwork using Powertex… You will love this episode as you explore playful and exciting textures…

Joining the Two Parts

In Rust Effects Part 4 you will learn how to join two parts of your artwork together. For larger pieces simply substitute the kebab sticks for metal rod or wooden dowel.

Dry Brushing with Turquoise

In Rust Effects Part 5 you will learn how to dry brush your artwork with Turquoise, Titanium White and Light Blue Powercolour. Once this layer is complete it will give a beautiful blue/turquoise underpainting for faux Rust Effects.

Adding the Stone Art Clay

In Rust Effects Part 6 you will learn how to add Stone Art Clay mixed with Bronze Powertex and finished with Powercolour Red Ochre and Mocha to create incredible rustic elements.

Dry Brushing Rust Colours

In Rust Effects Part 7 you will learn how to Dry Brush Rust Colours onto your artwork to create an amazing FAUX Rust effect…

Adding the Cogs

In Rust Effects Part 8 its time to add the cogs to your artwork… 

Making the Chain

In Rust Effects Part 9 you will learn how to make a chain using Stone Art Clay. This element creates a focal point for your artwork and looks AMAZING!

Finishing Your Artwork

In Rust Effects Part 10 we will look at a few simple ideas to complete your artwork…

Your Instructor

Artist Ashley Hay

Ashley Hay

My work as an artist comes from my love of nature as a source of  inspiration to express my spirituality, a sense of ‘story’ and ‘place’, remembered or imagined, and the beauty of life.  Focusing on light, colour and texture from the macro environment, found objects and the wider landscape as a whole, I create imagery that is an intuitive response to my surroundings, composed in a contemporary expressionist style. 

I have always enjoyed discovering new ways of creating that are outside of the square, and following a lifetime exploring diverse mixed media techniques, I have developed an extensive visual language of alternative art surfaces and rich textures. My paintings are highly textured and quite sculptural. My work is diverse, challenging the boundaries between drawing, painting and sculpture and the ambiguity between abstraction and realism. 

My objective is to evoke a sense of memory in the viewer as their story connects with my story, whereby they engage, relate to and are impacted by the imagery.  I see Art like theatre, as opening the curtain on the beauty of life…

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the workshop start and finish?

This workshop is a completely self-paced online course, so you decide when you start and finish. The best thing is that you can return to the content again and again… so it never ends!

How long do I have access to the workshop?

After enrolling, you have unlimited, lifetime access to the workshop! So you can login using any of your devices, whenever you like… 

What help or support do I have understanding the content?

As part of your purchase you are automatically added to our Private Rust Effects VIP group where you can ask any questions along the way and they’ll be answered… so there is no need to feel ‘stuck’ or alone!

What happens if I’m not happy with the workshop?

My passion is to provide you with inspirational content, so I don’t want you to be unhappy. If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase please contact us within the first 7 days and we will give you a full refund.