Certified Powertex Trainers Online Course


LAUNCH OFFER: NEW Internationally Certified Powertex Trainers ONLINE Course with Ashley Hay Art, endorsed by Brigitte Grade – Powertex International, Belgium. Places are limited.



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Certified Powertex Trainers Online Course (Internationally Endorsed by Brigitte Grade)

Launch March 2024 – $2500 AUD

Join the NEW Internationally Certified Powertex Trainers Course with Ashley Hay Art, endorsed by Brigitte Grade (Powertex International), starting on Mon 11th March 2024.  There are limited spots available on first in basis. The program will not only offer level 1-4 Certification, but also training on how to get started building a successful Powertex Business. Ashley will be teaching a lot of what she’s learnt since 2011 as an artist and the importer of Powertex for Australia to fast track a comprehensive understanding of Powertex Art Supplies skills techniques, processes and product knowledge PLUS art business skills such as sales and marketing.
There are limited spots available for the launch program (on first in basis)
  • “Setup for Success” LIVE Training with Ashley Hay Art begins Mon 11th March @4pm (AWST) for 8 weeks. Dates: Mon 11th, 18th, 25th March / 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th April & 6th May 2024. Time: 4pm (AWST)
  • PLUS BONUS one monthly LIVE Q&A with Ashley last Mon in May, June, July, Aug & Sept 2024


  • Get started straight away with IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the CPT Online Training Course content on AHA Academy (in development during the launch)
  • “Setup for Success” – 8 weeks one hour group mentoring p/w LIVE on Zoom with Ashley Hay beginning Mon 11th March 4pm (AWST)
  • 24/7 Access to CPT VIP Group Mentorship on Facebook from Mon 11th March – 30th Sept 2024
  • Internationally Endorsed Online CPT Training in Certificate Level 1-4 
  • 24/7 access to all the CPT online training content in Ashley Hay Art Academy until 30th Sept 2024 
  • Lifetime access to the 4 online courses that form the basis of the practical training (valued at $165 each) on Ashley Hay Art Academy


  • Certification is awarded for each stage (L1-2 & L3-4) on successful completion of artwork submissions, tasks and quizzes during the course 
  • Upon completion the participants will be awarded an Internationally endorsed Certification as a Powertex Trainer and listed on Powertex Australia website
  • Participants have 6 months to demonstrate a comprehensive practical and theoretical knowledge of Powertex Art Supplies through the successful completion ALL artwork submissions, tasks and quizzes required during the course. Completion due date: end Sept 2024.


  • Participants can choose to purchase a Start Up Kit that includes materials for level 1-2 artworks (cost:$325) and level 3-4 artworks (cost: TBA)
  • Participants will receive 20% Trainers discount on purchase of Powertex Art Supplies for the duration of the course. This will continue for those who achieve L1-4 Certification and are actively running workshops.
What this course does not cover:
  • It is not a life coaching or counselling program. Mentoring is focused on supporting, facilitating and encouraging the participants to implement the training whilst answering questions relevant to the course content and the participants goals.
  • It is not an in-depth training course in how to use any particular software programs, although relevant elements of particular programs may be taught in their day to day application. For in-depth training in such programs, it is recommended that the participants consult the vendor of such software or other training schools that specialise in detailed software courses.
  • This is not, and we do not promote, any kind of ‘get-rich quick’ scheme.


  • Ashley Hay Art Academy cannot guarantee any results or earnings from the course as it is dependent on the ability of the participant, how much work they put in, the quality of their artwork, their experience, changes in the market and how much of the training and mentoring the participant is prepared to take on and implement.
  • The mentoring is largely self-directed and as such, progress is driven by the participants efforts and willingness to try new things. The potential earnings of the participant is solely up to the individual, although AHA Academy will provide every effort to support and provide help for participants success.